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GVRSS001 [doppio CD]
Pikes in Panic
Right or wrong, They're still the captains

Pikes in Panic

Luca Losi - Voice / Lorenzo Carlucci - Guitar / Marco Sammicheli - Lead Guitar Angelo Giallombardo - Organ / Michele Landi - Drums

This special edition dedicated to italian cult bands opens with Pikes in Panic from Siena, one of the best italian garage punk band in the mid eighties.

After publishing one 7" e.p., an LP and taking part to the compilation eighties coulours #2, they quit leaving a great memory to the fans who followed them through their roaring gigs.

Limited edition 500 records .

This double cd runs about two hours of music with 7 original never-published-before tracks, and in detail:

  • the whole official Pikes in Panic discography,
  • live and studio unpublished recordings,
  • bonus videoclip shot during a live concert,
  • info booklet with the story of the band.
Story, discography, photo, reviews, flyers at www.pikesinpanic.com
MySpace page www.myspace.com/pikesinpanic

To buy the CD contact us or buy online at Soundflat
cd 1 official releases cd 2 live and unreleased
  1. Sunday love 
  2. Pikesmen's shake 
  3. Burglars 
  4. Summer girl 
  5. Sunshine 
  6. Ghost rider 
  7. Some kinda fun 
  8. She sang the blues 
  9. My lover's like a t.v. screen 
  10. Floppy boy 
  11. Break the sound barrier 
  12. Little by little
  13. If she were so beautiful I'd 
  14. Chiavoni day 
  15. Mary dance 
  16. Black boots 
  17. Mathilda mother 
  1. mototopo-autogatto
  2. wild man
  3. back in your arms
  4. come and see me
  5. train kept a rollin'-no good woman
  6. have love will travel
  7. one ugly child
  8. the witch
  9. right or wrong i'm still the captain
  10. ghost rider
  11. summer girl
  12. sunday love
  13. sunshine
  14. the perfect nature of the beast
  15. supersex
  16. market place
  17. ain't got you
  18. come on
  19. psychotic reaction
  20. headache
  21. mototopo-autogatto