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GVR004 [CD] - 2006
The Tunas - Tunas au... gogo

gvr004 - the Tunas   gvr004 - the Tunas

Esordio sulla lunga distanza dei bolognesi Tunas. Disco incredibile con influenze che spaziano dal punk al r'n'b, dal rock'n'roll al northern soul, dal northwest sound al garage più deviato.

Grandissimo suono e spettacolare performance. Disco dell'anno!!!!!

Edizione limitata 500 copie.

1. Girl, you turn me on - ascolta | scarica (30 sec.)
2. Graveyard Mary
3. She (Made a slave of me)
4. You put a tiger in my pants - ascolta | scarica (30 sec.)
5. Let's steal a tractor
6. Don't talk
7. Never ending summer
8. Follow your way
9. She's ugly
10. In your time of dying - ascolta | scarica (30 sec.)
11. You're not a punk
12. Indie kids
13. You'll come back to me



I Tunas sono:

Davide Deitunas - very noble guitar player & back vox
Cool face - Chinotto addict guitar player, screamin'lord socc'mell
Toni Tuna II- Gangsta beat from planet Caracallo
Lawrence Cleanhead- Bright as a mirror bass player
Eric-a-gogo - Non stop dancing!